The main difference is that you need all your games to win in order to win a payout in parlay betting. On the other hand, not all fields must be successful for you to win a round-robin since not every bet includes all the selections. So the payout gets smaller with every loss, but you can still finish ahead, even with losses. Unlike the parlay bet, you don’t have to accumulate several single bets in one slip. As is the case with parlays, most sportsbooks will only let you combine point spreads, moneylines, and totals into round robins.

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In these cases, the Round Robin is going to offer you a much bigger return on your stake than placing single bets on all three of your selections. Once confirmed, you will see five separate four-team parlays listed in your Pending Wagers, each risking $10 to win $120. The round robin with the most parlays is a 15-team round robin with either seven or eight “ways.” Both of these options have 6,435 separate parlays. If you went seven ways, even with four losses and two pushes out of those 15 games, you would still be up about $9,000. Any more losses or pushes, however, and you’d not be very happy.

  • It’s a less risky type of bet than accumulators that includes all possible combinations of events.
  • There are a lot of people that consider round robin bets the best to make in the industry, and there are certainly plenty of advantages to making this type of wager.
  • The second you discover multiple bets with betting odds that are worth grabbing, never miss the chance to place a bet.
  • Winning Round Robins is more manageable than winning larger parlays.
  • As you focus on potential round robin plays, use the sportsbook’s bet slip to do the heavy lifting and calculating.
  • At BetOnline up to 8 selections can be made and all combos are available.

Doing so will require NFL data, which most sharp bettors have compiled. You can usually find me at the blackjack table or playing slots. However, if a push occurs on a two-team tease, the overall bet just becomes a push. Correctly reading the betting odds and understanding sports betting symbols is essential to managing the above round robin strategies.

How Do You Win A Round Robin Bet?

With the above selections and a $5 wager on each parlay, the total return is $134.31 should all teams cover their spreads. A Round Robin bet technically ‘wins’ once it pays out an overall profit. When this happens is dependent on the odds on sky bet mobile your selections, and which selections win. For example, if only one of your selections wins, and the winning selection’s odds are over 10/1, you will earn an overall profit on the bet. If its odds are lower than 10/1 you will recover a portion of your Round Robin stake but will make an overall loss on the bet. Two winning selections will generally pay out an overall profit on the bet, while you can definitively say your Round Robin has won when all three selections win.

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If you included all of these bets in a $10 parlay and one of the games lost, then you would be down that $10 since it only takes one loss to lose the entire parlay. This is why making a round-robin bet is a great way to hedge your parlay wagers. A round robin bet then takes a number of those different options and breaks up the parlay bet into a number of smaller wagers. The number of round robin bets that can be made is determined by the number of legs in a parlay. When you go to put together a parlay wager, you are simply adding a bunch of different games to that bet. Most of the time, a parlay wager includes at least three legs, but it can be many more than that.

Winning A Round Robin Bet

Assuming you want three, begin by settling on the three times you will go with. A round-robin sports bet is essentially just a quick way to create a handful of parlays. Obviously, this type of bet requires several examples to explain how it works. So, we’ve constructed several round robins from actual bets offered on DraftKings Sportsbook at one time.

Profitability of your bet depends on the odds of each team you selected. For many bettors, choosing five teams and going with half your wager on ten three-team parlays and ten two-team parlays is an excellent option for college football. With eight events, for example, if you choose parlays of six teams each, this would be an 8-team round robin in six ways. Note that a round robin wager contains every possible combination of the number of ‘ways’ you choose. Another example could be if you could choose 10 events, and select that you’d like to do a 5-way round robin wager. Our sportsbook will create five parlays based on the possible combinations available on those ten games.

Is Round Robin An Advanced Sports Betting Strategy?

Whether you’re including high-risk NBA selections or betting the Dallas Cowboys or Manchester United, you have a huge choice of wagers available. You can also experiment with variations of the Yankee, and the Lucky 15 is an exciting wager consisting of 15 separate wagers from 4 selections. For instance, you can cover the 6 doubles, 4 trebles, 1 four-fold, and 4 single bets. Whenever you select 3 or more plays on a sportsbook, you will get a round robin option that looks like the screenshot above. It will give you 3 different 2 team parlays, and then a 4th optional play to parlay all 3 of them together .

If you’ve bet one three-teamer, you’ll need all three teams to win to be positive but can still win a little of your money back. It consists of ten By 2’s, ten By 3’s, five 4-leg parlays, and one 5-leg parlay. All in all, a round robin bet is a great way to cover multiple outcomes and help minimize your risk.

Similar to any parlay bet, each of your round robin legs needs to win. For example, if all 3 selections you’ve picked win, the payout will be significantly higher. Even if one of the options doesn’t cover the spread, the others will be successful. Of course, each team can fail, so you lose it all, but it’s much smaller than a large accumulator with sky-high odds and payout.