Due to COVID-19 restrictions, I was unable to check in online or on the mobile app and was instructed by Icelandair to collect my boarding pass at the desk. Americans are itching for a vacation, and the vaccine rollout has given travelers more freedom to go overseas. Reykjavik has a number of testing sites for Americans to get a COVID test before re-entering the US.

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  • United’s daily flights from Newark to Reykjavík resumed June 3 through October 29.
  • These travelers do not need to present a negative covid test to enter without quarantine.
  • It is also spread by touching the infected droplets on surfaces, then touching the eyes, nose or mouth.
  • Further information and details can be found on the World Health Organization’s Website.
  • Travellers can find more information in the followingfact sheet as well as on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

This story was originally published on May 4, 2021; it was updated on August 13, 2021, with current information. From museums to outdoor tours, expect to find most things open and operating across Iceland, albeit under new COVID-19 norms, with reservations often required and reduced hours and capacity possible. Starting from June 26, 2021, Iceland lifts all its restrictions within the country, becoming the first Nordic country to do so. The prohibition does not apply to foreigners residing in Iceland, family members of Icelandic citizens and foreigners residing in Iceland, and foreigners who have a long-term domestic partnership with Icelandic.

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There will be no disease prevention measures at the borders for passengers traveling to Iceland, regardless of whether individuals are vaccinated or unvaccinated. Additionally, travelers will no longer have to provide proof of kayak a pedales occasion vaccination or prior infection. There are no restrictions on social gatherings or quarantine requirements for those infected by COVID-19. Travellers that have stayed in an area of variant of concern within ten days prior to their entry to Germany must observe special regulations.

What Are The Requirements For Returning To The United States?

Further information about specific insect or tick-borne diseases for this country can be found, if appropriate on this page, in other sections of the country information pages and theinsect and tick bite avoidance factsheet. Insects or tick bites can cause irritation and infections of the skin at the site of a bite. Pre-exposure rabies vaccinations are recommended for those who are at increased risk due to their work (e.g. laboratory staff working with the virus and those working with bats). However, it is increased for certain occupations for example bat handlers and veterinarians, or certain activities such as caving.

I Traveled To Iceland As A Vaccinated American And The Entry And Exit Process Was Tedious, But Easy If You Understand The Rules

There’s no need to quarantine in Iceland while you wait for your test results. Upon arrival in the U.S. with your negative COVID-19 test result, there’s also no need to quarantine. Bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that serve alcohol are open but have an 11 p.m. While mask use isn’t mandated at these venues, all guests are required to leave their tracing information including name, ID number, and telephone number. Swimming pools and hot springs, including the famous Blue Lagoon attraction, are open but operating at a 75 percent limited capacity.

Upon Arrival In Reykjavik, I Deplaned And Headed To Customs Where Airport Employees Split Passengers Into Two Lines

The Minister of Justice’s ban on unnecessary travel to areas with a high risk of COVID-19 infection has also expired. Quarantine facilities operated by the government will remain open for those who do not have access to adequate facilities in which to complete their required quarantine or isolation. After I had my passport back, I walked out of the immigration area to find a desolate Reykjavik airport. There were only three flights departing that morning — Amsterdam , Copenhagen and Paris — so all the shops (sans duty-free) and restaurants in the arrivals area were closed. Thankfully, rental car counters and kiosks for purchasing a bus ticket to Reykjavik city centre were still open. I made my way to Terminal E at Boston Logan airport and went straight to the Icelandair check-in counter.

U S Embassy In Iceland

Before you depart , you’re required to fill out a preregistration form that asks for basic information like your name, birth date and nationality. I found it to be pretty non-intrusive when I filled it out in Boston before hopping on my flight. Oddly enough, however, the flight attendants made no mention of this form until after we landed. Thankfully, there’s Wi-Fi at the airport, so you can fill it out right after landing if need be. Depending on the type of exception, you may also have to state you have arranged to take certain protective measures. Consider getting tested with a viral testas close to the time of departure as possible before If you already had COVID-19within the past 90 days, see specific testing recommendations.