Two perfect guys, two perfect anna torv girls, and the sniveling Weselton guy could have been the villain trying to overthrow Arendelle. Instead, this movie is so focused on trying to pull the rug out from under the audience and be surprising it loses common sense. (Olaf “introduces” himself to the trolls) I like Josh Gad as much as the next guy, but he clearly watched too much Ice Age before making this movie. His character is a discount Sid if ever I saw one.

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  • “This guy looks like the Devil and his name is based on the word ‘sinister’. This dude was destined to turn evil.”
  • “why not sin a golf movie?” we thought.
  • At least Suicide Squad had Margot Robbie’s spot-on portrayal of Harley Quinn, so it might be slightly easier to stomach.
  • Since September 2018, re-uploads of older episodes are found on YouTube, with some of the videos done by reworked sins, while the older uploads are removed.
  • Uncharted is a movie based on a video game.
  • It’s terrible; many sins.

And now we regret it. This is not my kind of movie. Here are the sins of Charlie & the Chocolate Factory.

Halloween II. Well, the original Halloween II. Let’s be honest, there are a lot of these freaking movies. This is the very second one ever. And it has gobs of sins, let me tell you.

Kong: Skull Island Director Tears Into Cinemasins

And it’s got sins. And hell, we weren’t going to sit on this until the real October came around. Quentin Tarantino is back with Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. It’s got Brad Pitt, Leonardo, Margo Robbie, and Bruce Lee & Charles Manson . Most everyone liked it and it was up for Best Picture, but it still has sins.

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Of course, many of Jeremy’s so liberally offered sins are merely given that he might deliver a joke rather than the movie having anything wrong with it. But don’t let that distract you from the fact that under the ever-watching eye of Jeremy, no movie is without sin. When it comes to CinemaSins’ top videos, the fans love when the duo spears superhero and/or animated Disney films. Here we have both rolled into one.

But being as it’s set in space and in the near future, we thought it best to bring back Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson to help us separate this movie’s sins from its wins. Superman II. The universally preferred sequel of the OG Superman films . Still full of sins, as it turns out. One of 2015’s most enjoyable films. Too bad about the sins.

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A bunch, actually. Creed is a really good movie. Still has sins, so we went looking. For some reason they remade The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo even though the original was perfectly fine. Anyway, it’s okay. Plenty of sins though.


Birds of Prey is a pretty fun action romp, but for some reason, people stayed away from it in theaters. Regardless, it still has sins, as do all movies, so we did what we do when we do what we do. 28 Days Later is a pretty solid zombie flick that a lot of people missed because they confused it with that Sandra Bullock alcoholism movie. Anyway, it has sins, so we counted them. Here’s a perfectly harmless movie that has some fun spots but is ultimately not all that amazing that you want to tell everyone you know to watch it.

All he does is make a bunch of vague repetitive nitpick and usually doesn’t have a point. His minimal effort videos don’t deserve to have 10X the substriber count of much much better reviewers. The Adam Project is a fun little family adventure film with Ryan Reynolds. It’s not quite Free Guy, but it’s harmless fun. Oh, and it has some sins.