Recording important points is effective because it forces you to pay attention to what’s being said during a lecture. In fact, you can even recruit a friend, a family member or a study group member to listen to your mini-lesson. Reciting your presentation aloud to someone else will help the details stick in your mind, and your audience may be able to point out gaps in your knowledge. Furthermore, the act of typing or writing out the information will help you memorize the details. Using different colors or lettering styles can help you picture the information later. For an easy way to quiz yourself, prepare notecards that feature a keyword on one side and important facts or definitions about that topic on the reverse.

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  • Unitarian Universalism is a religion characterized by support for a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, and has no accepted creed or theology.
  • Also not sure why you think Anki is designed for fewer than 40 cards per day.
  • After leaving Henderson’s group, Armstrong formed his Hot Five band, where he popularized scat singing.

And yes, I have considered studying earlier, but I would much rather not spend every day of the week studying for 6 hours. Also, no matter how soon exam season is, remember to get enough rest. As we sleep, our brains remove unnecessary pieces of information and replay vital ones.

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This led to a highly syncopated music with a linear rhythmic complexity. While swing was reaching the height of its popularity, Duke Ellington spent the late 1920s and 1930s developing an innovative musical idiom for his orchestra. From 1920 to 1933, Prohibition in the United States banned the sale of alcoholic drinks, resulting in illicit speakeasies which became lively venues of the “Jazz Age”, hosting popular music, dance songs, novelty songs, and show tunes. Jazz began to get a reputation as immoral, and many members of the older generations saw it as a threat to the old cultural values by promoting the decadent values of the Roaring 20s. In the northeastern United States, a “hot” style of playing ragtime had developed, notably James Reese Europe’s symphonic Clef Club orchestra in New York City, which played a benefit concert at Carnegie Hall in 1912.


In agnya vichāya, one contemplates on seven facts – life and non-life, the inflow, bondage, stoppage and removal of karmas, and the final accomplishment of liberation. In apaya vichāya, one contemplates on the incorrect insights one indulges, which eventually develops right insight. In vipaka vichāya, one reflects on the eight causes or basic types of karma. In sansathan vichāya, one thinks about the vastness of the universe and the loneliness of the soul. Asanas and positions such as the full-lotus, half-lotus, Burmese, Seiza, and kneeling positions are popular in Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism, although other postures such as sitting, supine , and standing are also used.

D. Amaradeva, Victor Ratnayake, Nanda Malini and Clarence Wijewardene have contributed much towards the progression of Sri Lankan music. Officially, the constitution of Sri Lanka guarantees human rights as ratified by the United Nations. However, several groups, such as Amnesty International, Freedom from Torture, Human Rights Watch, as well as the British government and the United States Department of State have criticised human rights violations in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE have both been accused of violating human rights. A report by an advisory panel to the UN secretary-general accused both the LTTE and the Sri Lankan government of war crimes during final stages of the civil war.

What I do now is a mixture of both where I take notes from lecture on loose sheets of paper and read the chapter in my apartment/dorm and condense everything from a single lecture into one, neat page. After I’m done with the pages I took in lecture I recycle them or use them to draw or doodle so I don’t waste so many before next lecture. This process takes me about 2 hours per class uninterrupted and is much neater and clearer for me.

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This was a drumming tradition that was distinct from its Caribbean counterparts, expressing a uniquely African-American sensibility. All references in this article to the study of sound should be taken to include the manual and non-manual signs used in sign languages. Contact varieties such as pidgins and creoles are language varieties that often arise in situations of sustained contact between communities that speak different languages.

The morphology of such languages allows for each consonant and vowel to be understood as morphemes, while the grammar of the language indicates the usage and understanding of each morpheme. As of 2016 around a quarter of U.S. employers were using stress reduction initiatives. The goal was to help reduce stress and improve reactions to stress.

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This is a higher percentage of protected areas when compared to the rest of Asia. Succeeding kingdoms of Sri Lanka would maintain many Buddhist schools and monasteries and support the propagation of Buddhism into other countries in Southeast Asia. Sri Lankan Bhikkhus studied in India’s famous ancient Buddhist University of Nalanda, which was destroyed by Bakhtiyar Khilji.