Disabled visitors to Europe will encounter challenges during their travels, but nearly all can be avoided or overcome if you obtain the proper information before your trip. Every trip is different, and you will need to go through the steps outlined above to determine whether taking the train is really the best option for your trip. If your destination is not the end of that train’s journey but a mid-point along the way, the train will only be in your station for a few minutes. It’s also worth noting that the different classes of train cars don’t coordinate precisely with different classes on airplanes.

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  • I highly recommend wearing a fanny pack instead of a backpack.
  • Veer east to visit the world’s most beautiful city, Venice Dropdown content , then south to the foodie nirvana of Bologna Dropdown content .
  • When I returned a year later as an exchange student, I took advantage of budget travel options to go absolutely insane and indulge in weekend trips anytime I could.
  • Citizens of any country outside Europe are eligible to buy a Eurail Pass, whereas citizens of European countries are eligible for an Interrail Pass.

Through our Tailor-Made Trips Dropdown content service, we can create a personal itinerary for the ultimate self-drive trip around Europe. If you’ve got wheels, wanderlust and a spot of time, a road trip in Europe Dropdown content offers the chance to see the continent at a more relaxed pace. Here are 9 of the best road trips in Europe, a clutch of which also feature in our run-down of the best countries for summer in Europe Dropdown content.

The Drawbacks Of Traveling Europe By Train

One thing that’ll surprise you about pro-level budgeting tente de marché is that it’s hard work. Obviously, it’s hard to cover long distances on foot. It IS slow as hell, but it is one of the most rewarding ways to travel I’ve ever tried. The best countries to pick up lifts are in Central and Eastern Europe. The worst luck I’ve ever had has been in Spain and Germany – basically Western countries with a lot of motorways that are unsuitable for stopping for thumb-riders.

Learn How To Travel The World On $10

(Or maybe that’s just the beer?) Just be sure to book your accommodation well in advance and be prepared to pay top prices for them. I love Amsterdam so much that I lived here for a short period of time in 2006. Here cobblestone and brick streets weave around lovely canals as people ride their bikes to and fro. Amsterdam has a vibrant art and music scene and there’s a ton of museums here like the Anne Frank house, FOAM, the history museum, and the hemp museum. Be sure you get out of the center into Jordaan and Oost with their wonderful outdoor cafes and fewer tourists. With a valid U.S. passport, you can stayup to 90 daysfor tourism or business during any 180-day period.Do not overstay!

Krakow looks like it stepped out of a medieval postcard. It’s a hip, trendy, and youthful city that’s the center of education in Poland, meaning there are a lot of university students here. Most travelers come to party here but try to enjoy the city’s history and food besides just the bars.

Barcelona is a city that goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It truly could give NYC a run for the “city that never sleeps” title. Be prepared for late-night dinners and parties until dawn. I first backpacked Europe in 2006 and was hooked immediately. I’ve been visiting every year since, have run tours around the continent, and even wrote a book on traveling in Europe. It’s a destination I love and never get tired of exploring.

Pack whatever is more comfortable for you, just as long as your money and documents will be safe. Similar to underwear, socks must also make your feet feel comfortable. You do not want to come back to your hostel at the end of a long day and have cracked and sweaty feet. Good travel socks will keep your feet dry and healthy.

Save Money On Your Europe Trip By Hitchhiking

Better yet, you should research the plug adapters that are used in the countries you’re going to visit. Thanks to the Internet, this should be easy, and if you’re not really sure you can always send an email to the website and get clarification. In some European countries, your SIM card may have to be registered along with your passport for security reasons.

Generally speaking, a two-week Europe trip should be just enough if you are looking to cover its major highlights. However, if you want a comprehensive travel experience within this duration, it is better that you focus on a region or a few countries rather than traveling all over the continent. Note that not all European countries use the Euro, including the United Kingdom, Denmark and Hungary . Do your research beforehand and be ready to juggle different currencies if you’re planning an extensive trip.