Bottles – Once you get to your hotel or destination, you’ll be able to sanitize your baby’s bottles. But until then, you’ll want to have enough to get you through your trip. For example, if you’ll be on a plane, you don’t want to have to worry about cleaning any bottles mid-flight so make sure you bring enough to get you through. Inform the TSA officer at the beginning of the screening process that you carry formula, breast milk and juice in excess of 3.4 ounces in your carry-on bag. These liquids are typically screened by X-ray.

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  • Though there are several things you may need, baby formula is one of the most essential things you should have on the top of your checklist.
  • No restriction, however, will prevent you from getting your baby all the formula he needs.
  • This variation of density is referred to as compressibility.
  • The calmer you are, the happier your traveling clan will be.
  • No matter what, I never raise my voice and just try to bring it back to calm and professional, and things usually work out.
  • If you have the cabin crew warm your baby’s meal, check the temperature and sanitize the bottle before giving it to your baby.

Some people like to use pre-sterilized disposable bottle liners whilst travelling so that bottles don’t need to be sterilized. However, you’ll still need to sterilize the bottle teat, so these are limited in how useful they are. Don’t rely on being able to find the brand of formula that your baby is used to, particularly if you’re travelling to another country or your baby has dairy-free formula. It’s wise to pack more than you think you’ll need.


Later flights with our son at this stage were worrisome to me simply because he was SO. BUSY. Even a seasoned flyer such as myself got pangs thinking about those upcoming flights. The TSA typically sends confiscated items to state agencies where they are distributed and resold. The TSA does not profit from the selling of these items. Some items are donated to non-profit organizations or recycled.

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If you are wondering “How do you warm baby milk on a plane? ” You can either bring a thermos flask with you filled with boiling water and make up your formula from that, or ask crew for some boiling water. If they are reluctant to bring boiling water into the cabin due to spills etc, you can also ask them if you can make up your bottle in the galley. Is perfect because it easily fits in a diaper bag and will warm your baby’s formula in advance so it’s ready when they are. There is no limit to the amount of breastmilk or formula you can travel with.

When I traveled I’d buy the 8oz RTF enfamils and bring 2-3 in my carry on and then I’d either pack the powder in my checked luggage or buy some at my destination. I’m pretty sure they pretty easy with formula and kid things if u were to bring powder (you’d def have to buy water after security) but i like to keep it easy and bring something sealed.. If he’s not ready to eat, then feeding him on the plane is fine too; grab a burp cloth out of your carry-on before sitting down so you don’t have to disrupt him after he eats. Even if your little guy is used to having heated formula, try to get him to accept the bottle at room temperature. If he won’t drink it, ask a flight attendant if you can get a mug or bowl of hot water to soak the bottle in, but never ask for a bottle to be microwaved.

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Your baby’s immune system is not as strong as an adult’s. That’s why bottles, teats and any other feeding equipment need to be washed and sterilised before each feed. Used this when baby was first home from hospital and it was fantastic. They do a huge range from ready made milk to powder milk so it fits in easily with the busy life of having a newborn.