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  • And hearing on this board how he has treated the memory of his wife after her death has turned me off of him forever.
  • My father was an alcoholic , who sometimes became violent, and the rest of the family was in total denial about it.
  • So much dysfunction and so many misunderstandings… You must be an incredibly strong person.
  • He was interviewing a physicist from Harvard (can’t remember her name).

He displayed a complete lack of sensitivity and came across like a ridiculous, shallow man. I was saddened and disgusted that someone so many of us felt we “knew” as a person who had lost his soulmate was really acting like a frat boy on spring break. That would explain why she does not want to come to the U.S. it is not just her staying behind with her family. Sad to say, but many young women are really fooling foreigners and are only after their money. She is crazy, millions of Filipinas would do anything to take her place and come to America just to get out of the Philippines.

Family Misunderstanding After A Death

I have struggled for so long with the loss, with the suicide. I was thinking maybe I wasn’t enough. It’s hard to reconcile that kind of loss. Well as I was coming and moving more into peace with this situation, I am noticing all the little signs. All the little tiny things that maybe no one else would notice but I see.

Post Loss Checklist

My parents showed up late, managed to suffer through the service, ate lunch and had my brother-in-law take them back to my house. They drove back home and never said a word to me. My father wouldn’t even look at me at the service. My sister, her husband and nephew were appalled, but I told them “this happens every time”. Needless to say, I don’t have a relationship with my parents at this time.

Not one profession, and I’d be wary of artists of the “if I say it is art, it is”-variety. If the visual artwork need a verbal statement attached, well, then it isn’t visual art as an artform. I agree with you David Randall. One of my definitions for art is, “if you can where it, it’s not art, it’s maybe craft.” That’s not an insult to anyone’s abilities, it’s just calling it what it is. I once saw a pile of dirt in the middle of the room in a gallery. If anyone can do it, such as pour dirt on the floor, then it’s NOT art.

Changing Family Dynamics:

This is why I like to “try things on” and see what works. It’s worked for many people that I’ve worked with and the woman that I talked with whose brother killed himself, healed after decades of this traumatic memory. My process is to picture the person who has passed and talk with them. He thought of his brother’s kids because he didn’t have kids.

Reasons Why The Death Of Someone You Didnt Like Can Cause Complicated Grief Emotions:

Our mother was either mentally ill or too far gone in her alcoholism to care about us, so we were dependent on each other psychologically. She would bring home men, some of whom would try to molest me and I started sleeping in my bed with my brother because he would cause a ruckus if they came in the room and tried something. We had both been in foster care when we were younger and were molested there, so my brother and I decided we would never go back, so we never told anyone what was going on at home. When we were teenagers, we would drive our mother to work so she wouldn’t get fired for being late at the bottling plant she worked at.