Peter Weller played both Admiral Marcus and Alex Murphy . A gag in The Stinger to the Die Hard video has audio of Snape’s first Potions lesson in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone play over Hans Gruber. The protagonist of The Woman in Black is called out for his curiosity in the face of obvious danger, when any rational person would have fled. After sinning the 5th poop reference within the first 15 sins of Hotel Transylvania, Jeremy cuts to the chase and adds 20 more sins just to get all of the future references out of the way.

script film big hero 6

Admittedly, there aren’t as many jokes, and yes, lately the reviews have been getting a bit longer, but when it’s being positive about movies, is that really a bad thing? Anyone can nitpick points that don’t work in movies, in fact so many people do that shit already online. To have someone focusing on mainly the good parts of movies is a breath of fresh air in comparison. Then there are people using CS as serious “reviews” and decide to watch the movies with negative assumption as shown in the video above. It’s also appalling that some of them don’t want to watch the movies CinemaSins reviewed because of their “parody”. What’s the Damage is a video series where CinemaSins counts the actual cost of things damaged in a movie, with the prices coinciding with their worth at the time of release.

  • I think SW main future is probably largely TV.
  • There’s something worthwhile to it, so CinemaWins gets my vote.
  • Whilst I am not a fan of TLJ; I don’t hate Johnson and I don’t think he consistently make bad movies .
  • “No one wanted to see what happened next anyway.” – When a action scene begins but the movie suddenly cuts to an another scene.

I’m not going to say that people shouldn’t watch CinemaSins. I used to watch more than a dozen CinemaSins videos and the one I like most is Everything Wrong with The Room, which was really hilarious. Pointing out dumb stuff in a really awful movie is very funny. Examples are Death Race 2000, where film director Roger Corman challenged CinemaSins to do one of his movies or Friday the 13th Part 2 due to the following day coinciding the Friday’s superstition of October 13. The video for the television miniseries It breaks the trend on sinning films with the first part airing on CinemaSins and the second part on TVSins.

Amazon Com: Behind The Sins : Cinemasins

Values of human lives are not calculated in the What’s the Damage? Videos alongside the property because “that’s just morbid”. He tries to get Sarah to “Call to John”, instead of just killing her and impersonating her.

SW characters don’t act like real life people. I personally wouldn’t want anything to do with Kylo, but I understand why Rey, given the narrative context, would. Because for her, over the course of the film sees less of Kylo but starts to hyperfixate on the idea of Ben Solo, redeemed son of Han Solo, her father figure. It’s not that people take CinemaSins seriously, people know they are dumb nitpicking videos rather than serious critique.

Honest Trailer Video Guide

Cinema Sins was alright when it was “… in 10 minutes or less,” but when they decided that the shtick was more important than being true to the formula, they just padded the video with stupid and false nitpicks. And it was never as good a premise as Honest Trailers anyway. I don’t know why people watch Cinema Sins in a world where Honest Trailers exists. I also really didn’t enjoy Cabin in the Woods. I like Whedon generally but the movie was excessively smarmy even for him. As a friend pointed out, Shaun, who laid off of CinemaSins for a year apparently, also released a new video going through even more of CS’ egregious mistakes through the videos he missed through the year.

The Bonus Round for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is based on pointing out instances of Sony product placement, but it goes beyond just sightings of stuff like the Sony Vaio. Anything Sony related is counted as a plug, such as the Sony and Columbia Pictures logos at the opening and closing of the movie, and Harry whistling the theme to Jeopardy! (produced by Sony’s television division). At one point, when they’re reviewing The Grey, Liam Neeson spouts a line that is so awesome they actually absolve a sin.

What Is The Most Sinned Movie Cinemasins?

OK, so maybe it was perfect to whichever version of me first watched it back in 1987. Thing is, that weird little bastard, with his popped collar and feathered hair , still lives on inside me, drinking Slurpees and reading comic books. He’d be offended if he weren’t such an idiot. Guy who wants to kill the queen just stares at her when she drops to her knees and turns her back. Also, maybe she should be dead by now?

In some ways, The Batman almost plays like there’s a first film we haven’t seen and it leaps right into its “epic middle chapter”. I applaud the ambition but I think there was always going to be some portion of the audience that dings the movie for that. Because honestly it’s not really a movie that’s jam packed with plot if you look at the story.

Or asking for longer because you want to spend more time in that world (I bet you I’ve asked for this too). We let each filmmaker tell the story they want to tell. “A Batman movie doesn’t need to be as long as Ari Aster’s new film though!