The 12 study apps below allow you to quiz yourself, store ideas, scan documents, and more. The focus here is to study the Bible and any topic that the Word addresses. We will accomplish this via topical studies, and book/chapter studies. Like most laymen, I am interested in reading, understanding, and applying the Word in my daily life.

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  • Following a midmorning break for tea and toast , Turner returned to his outdoor experiment.
  • AsapScience provided many interesting videos on all kind of subjects that are explained in a very playful, but still educational way.
  • You need teachers who clear the instant doubts in live online classes.
  • Provided by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this channel provides free lessons covering content from real-life MIT curriculums!

Once in a racing dudes while rewatch her old study with me videos to increase my study motivation. Special about Minervia is that the students study in a different country every term. Watching Jade studying abroad and her experiences is very interesting.

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Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best video editing software applications out there. This $194.99 online course will walk you through each step of the Adobe Premiere Pro editing process. This lengthy, in-depth course includes 12 hours of on-demand video, 7 articles, and 14 downloadable resources. If you want to enhance your editing skills using a single editing software, this is the course for you. You’ve got the right equipment, witty scripts, and sophisticated editing skills?

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Or maybe you have started studying the Bible before but haven’t found a way to incorporate it into your regular routine. The Bible Study Made Simple podcast is here to help you move from intimidated and confused to confident and joyful in your approach to Scripture, and help you find a routine that sticks. These weekly episodes with your host Eva Kubasiak will talk all about how to spend time studying God’s Word and give you actionable steps to take to enhance your own study time. Chris Christensen provides a weekly bible study podcast looking at scripture from a Christian point of view. Plan your lessons more effectively with engaging videos, class activities and assessment tools created by expert teachers.

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With leveled learning options and useful language tools, the language program FluentU helps you learn English while watching movie trailers, scenes from TV shows and other entertaining clips. Not every student is able to complete their homework assignments on their own. With YouTube, a teacher can upload reference videos, lectures, and even replays of what happened in class so that the information can be thoroughly studied and retained. Anyone can have access to YouTube whenever they want to have it. This makes it a usable tool for any teacher that happens to be on a tight budget. No matter where you are in the world, you can access the videos that are uploaded for educational purposes without even the need to have a Google account created.

Here is just one of its videos that uses amusing animations to capture viewers’ attention. Since October 1, 2006, this channel has provided stimulating content from an array of experts, including famous names such as Bill Nye and Neil deGrasse Tyson. Since November 16, 2006, this channel has provided tutoring in subjects such as math, science, computing, and economics. Below is an interesting video about how the electoral college works. Started on Aug 12, 2010, this channel focuses on providing classes in history, politics, philosophy, and technology.

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After only minimal practice, you should easily be able execute a knot in less than 10 seconds. YouTubers like Caitlin of Caitlin’s Corner can actually be a boon to your studying. It refers to the balance between the amount of time you spend at work and the amount of… Also with the most popular study YouTubers going to some of the most prestigious universities there can also be another form of unfamiliarity for the mass majority.