You want to in LINE level, because the mic signal after the pre amp is now amplified to LINE level. This would be via a balanced quarter inch cable TRS, not a TS cable like a guitar cable. It sounds like they are doing something weird in this situation.

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The selectable Tube Plate Voltage function delivers a wide variety of tone from the Digital MPA or MPA Gold’s preamplifier section. The tube circuit is differential, and provides the equivalent of a 300V power supply on the high voltage setting ensuring maximum output with extremely low noise and distortion. I am trying to hook up my Rhode external microphone to the ART Tube MP Studio pre-amp and then out to an external recorder. I am using 1/4″ cables that are connected to the pre-amp and the other end of each cable is 1/8th” (3.5mm). The Rhode mic doesn’t even register on the pre-amp. Nothing , but a loud hum/buzz/hiss sound.

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  • So I’ll switch between the two units depending on what I’m looking for.
  • Same full trace on the track – but the noise floor is ZERO.

Condenser mics will pick up more gain than dynamics. Might just need to adjust gain levels for the Rode. Very common and it’s not a problem at all.

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You can operate the preamplifier in dual-mono or stereo, to suit what you’re recording. There’s even selectable support for mid/side microphone setups. A limited edition 2-channel tube microphone preamplifier. For even wider variation of preamp tone and performance, operate the Pro MPA II at either a low or high plate voltage on the two integrated 12AX7 tubes. Two of the coolest features are it’s stereo capability and the mid/side matrix configuration. Apart from those the metering is superb and the sound is silent, warm and accurate.

Mind you i have an extra xlr cable in my output spot on my vtb1 running through my maudio input. Your mic should plugin into the MIC input of your Pre 73. Then take the LINE out of your Pre 73 into the LINE input of your Fast Track. This is because the signal has been boosted already from MIC level to LINE level by the Pre 73. No need to run it trough MIC level again on the interface. Yeah, anything you run your audio through is “affecting” the sound.

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Now that you have your preamp hooked up to your interface, the last thing we need to look at is your gain staging and signal flow. The gain knob on your interface controls the preamp on that interface. Since we are using an external preamp to bring the microphone signal up to line level we don’t need the gain on the interface. However, if you start to use an external preamp, like the ART Tube MP mentioned above, then you need one extra step. You plug your microphone into the external preamp’s mic input. Then using a balanced 1/4 inch cable you run the output of that preamp into an available line input on your interface.

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Final step would be to set your Scarlett input to LINE instead of MIC. I have a Xenyx 302USB Audio Interface and a Blue Yeti Pro microphone, used on Mac. Yeah, on the Saffire having the gain knob at about 4 gives you Unity gain. You’re going through the analog circuitry of the interface regardless.

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Perhaps you need to turn down your ISA preamp. That might be sending too much signal INTO your 2i2 interface. Correct – but I never worry about this.

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