Cool 3D printing models of momentum-powered plastic propellers are available. From classic restoration and car parts to 3D printed prototype cars and buses, the automotive industry is looking to 3D printing for a variety of benefits. As with all wireless electronics, the main drawback is the battery, which needs to be regularly considered to avoid sudden silences. And this is where the functionality of 3D printed analogue speakers come in. Learning an instrument is a challenge, but they are without a doubt one of the coolest things you can make with a 3D printer today.

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Now they can be used together seamlessly, problem solved. Medical 3D printing has revolutionized the healthcare industry significantly. And, of course, it’s a very cool thing to be able to print, which almost makes it worth it by itself. For example, any fastening that is made of plastic itself is unlikely to pose a problem for our 3D printed friend here. Similarly, most of the smaller metal fastenings you’re likely to find around the home should be well within the capability of a 3D printed wrench.

  • And of course, there are a few tools to deal with COVID-19.
  • While we’re on the topic of office stuff, this pen holder is a really nice addition to any desk.
  • You can even gift these to your friends and their groups, even if you are not a part of that event.
  • For those looking for 3D printing ideas, this page is for you!
  • When lit up, it reflects some really cool Greek meander patterns onto your wall.

Cosplay items are one of the most labor-intensive options on the list of things to 3D print and make money with. Taking hours or days from start to finish, making cosplay costumes and props to sell is not for the faint of heart. These items are large parts that take hours to print and post-process. However, you need to consider a few things before opening your shop and taking your first orders.

Designer Vases

Aside from those, there are plenty of other things to 3D print and sell on the platform. 3D printed vases are a hit drury skips on almost any platformThe latter option is much easier for beginners who don’t know much about online retail. By using existing marketplaces, you can leverage their existing audience and make money with a 3D printer in no time. Before setting a price for your 3D prints, you should calculate your costs and margins.

3d Printed Silicone Heart Valves

Being able to clip and unclip your water bottle to your backpack can prove to be very handy if you want to have a quick drink without having to stop to set your pack down. With this adaptable bottle holder, you can have the same level of convenience and accessibility even if you’re just carrying a standard PET water bottle. This bottle holder merely wraps around the neck of a standard drinking bottle and has a hole for a carabiner.

If you’re into photography or any other use case where you need lots of SD cards, I can’t think of anything cooler than this Swiss army style SD card holder. It’s a little challenging to 3D print as the tolerances are very tight, but if you can get it right, it’s a super cool thing to carry around in your pocket or as a keychain. For many people, their least favorite part of cooking is having to slice up veggies into small and equal-sized portions. This slotted bowl can be draped over any vegetable and provide an easy guide for your knife to follow.

How about getting a stylish bottle opener, without having to spend money? One of the cool things to 3D print, the bottle opener enables you to open the bottle using just one hand. A great 3D printed object without spending on buying the gadget. In addition, this useful 3D model enables you to increase the volume of your iPhone, where no Bluetooth or batteries are required.

Many people enjoy listening to podcasts while they clean, or music when they cook. There are also those of us who like some background music while we sing in the shower. Any audiophile asking themselves what are the best things to 3D print, a top answer should be a sound amplifier.

Phone Stand

If you’re here, you’re probably already well-versed in the wide and wonderful world of 3D printing. But for those curious souls who aren’t, 3D printing is exactly what it sounds like. Also, preferably, use a steel extruder on your 3D printer, instead of a barss one, which may contain lead. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks.